DF Barnes is a global company with local roots. While business relations may stretch us across nations, our primary focus has always been on our valued clients, dedicated employees, and the communities they exist in. With over 80 years of experience, our fundamental values have established DF Barnes as a global provider of marine, industrial and oilfield service solutions.

Established in 1932, our small welding and metal fabrication shop has expanded into a global enterprise. The traditional guidelines that have existed from the beginning – continuous improvement, strong client relations, around the clock service and consistent dedication to hard work – continue to bring us success today. Above all else is the diligence we put into safety. It governs every project we undertake. We also maintain a strong focus on environmentally conscious practices, and we’re proud to boast that we have no infractions.

Our values may be traditional, but our technology is not. DF Barnes strives to remain current with modern day advancements. The products and services we offer include welding, fabrication, industrial services, rigging equipment, ship/offshore repair and maintenance. Although the technology is ever changing, our integrity, professionalism, and commitment to quality has built DF Barnes on a solid foundation. With the same enthusiasm harnessed in our humble beginnings, today we concentrate on tackling the modern day challenges of energy extraction, infrastructure development, maritime transportation and industrial construction.

More important than these achievements are the successful projects we have completed for clients such as:

For these clients, DF Barnes has constructed:

  • Advanced infrastructure for energy extraction and resource development
  • Launch and Recovery Systems (LARS) to aid in deep-water oil and gas exploration and development
  • Modules for integration with offshore platforms
  • Tow nets to remove icebergs from the proximity of offshore structures

In addition, DF Barnes performs a wide variety of service, repair and maintenance work on these structures and the vessels, rigs, and platforms that accompany them.