DF Barnes Fabrication

DF Barnes Fabrication

Key Capabilities

  • Subsea Equipment Fabrication/Repair
  • Module Erection
  • Fabrication of Carbon and Exotic Piping
  • Riser Storage, Maintenance and Recertification


About DF Barnes Fabrication

DF Barnes Fabrication is DF Barnes export manufacturing entity. The company was established in 2006 when DF Barnes identified manufacturing and export opportunities for advanced mechanical offshore and marine systems. Today, DF Barnes Fabrication offers contract manufacturing, machining and fabrication of complex structures and systems consisting of a variety of metals to clients worldwide.

DF Barnes Fabrication works out of 45 Pepperell Road. Increasing customer demand has led DF Barnes Fabrication to build this new state-of-the-art fabrication facility at this location. The Facility is 30,000 ft2 and includes a machine shop and custom fabrication and production area for carbon and specialty steel products. In addition, the facility has over 5 acres of secure, fenced lay down space.

DF Barnes Fabrication flagship product, the Launch and Recovery System (LARS), is used to launch and recover Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) during offshore oil operations. These 30-feet-by-12-feet assemblies are fabricated from exotic steel and are used primarily by the offshore oil and gas industry. LARS are generally deployed in harsh environments, and therefore, require precise fabrication adhering to strict international standards. In addition to LARS, DF Barnes Fabrication manufactures traction winches and Temporary Guide Bases (TGBs), which are used for large subsea oil and gas structures.

In 2007, DF Barnes Fabrication won the Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters’ Canadian Innovation Award for Productivity Improvement and was named Newfoundland and Labrador’s Exporter of the Year in 2008.


Why DF Barnes Fabrication?

DF Barnes Fabrication is manufacturing advanced mechanical and hydraulic systems for the world’s largest marine and offshore companies. With the continuous production of LARS, TGBs, and traction winches, DF Barnes Fabrication has established efficient manufacturing processes and extraordinary economies of scale. The company has implemented Lean Manufacturing principles, which are standard, formal procedures applied to contract manufacturing operations, that enable the company to manufacture to demand and lower costs of production by reducing waste. These lower costs of production are passed on to customers through low prices, which subsequently provide better value.

As an affiliate of DF Barnes, DF Barnes Fabrication employs a team of highly skilled and experienced personnel and management that are committed to providing superior quality, reliability, and service at competitive rates, while maintaining a safe, incident-free work environment. In addition, the company is continually working to improve its products and services to provide the best possible value for its clients.



As of February 2014, DF Barnes Fabrication has experienced incredible demand for advanced marine systems and structures. This has allowed the company to engage in continuous production of LARS, TGBs and traction winches and ultimately gain incredible experience and expertise in contract manufacturing and custom metal fabrication. To date, DF Barnes Fabrication has manufactured approximately 50 LARS, 30 traction winches and many other subsea structures for leading marine and offshore oil suppliers such as Oceaneering International, DynaconInc, and Cameron.

With continuous production, DF Barnes Fabrication is improving its manufacturing processes by identifying areas of improvement, realizing precise resource requirements and formalizing step-by-step procedures, thereby facilitating faster and more efficient production.

When DF Barnes Fabrication manufactured its first LARS, it took approximately four months and 5000 labour hours to complete one unit. Today, the company is capable of manufacturing units using less than 2500 labour hours

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