DF Barnes Services

DF Barnes Services

Key Capabilities

  • Marine Maintenance
  • Offshore service and repair
  • Supply vessel mobilization/demobilization
  • Fabrication

About DF Barnes Services

DF Barnes Services is where it all started for DF Barnes. Since 1932, the company has been in the business of maintaining the vessels, rigs and platforms that operate in the North Atlantic Ocean – one of the harshest ocean environments on earth.

Furthermore, the company embraces a culture that puts people first and values safety as its #1 priority. This enables the company to attract and retain its valued personnel that significantly contribute to the outstanding success of the company.

Through a combination of prompt reliable service and exceptional workmanship,  DF Barnes Services has earned a client list that includes some of the biggest names in the marine, industrial and offshore oil and gas sectors.

Why DF Barnes Services?

Since 1932, DF Barnes Services has been delivering customized welding products and services that achieve the highest standards for quality and reliability. With its significant growth in recent years, DF Barnes Services has increased its capacity with new, improved equipment and facilities as well as expanded its workforce with more skilled welders, machinists, pipe fitters and millwrights. It also maintains a large fleet of portable equipment to provide rapid response and service to customers. In addition, DF Barnes Services has accomplished extraordinary safety records that are superior to any companies of similar size and operations.

DF Barnes Services is continually building on its incredible reputation that clients in the marine, ship-building, industrial and offshore industries trust and respect so much. Customers chose DF Barnes Services for prompt, reliable service, safety and outstanding workmanship at reasonable rates.


DF Barnes Services is recognized as the oldest company of its kind in Newfoundland & Labrador.

From its establishment in 1932, when the company was primarily engaged in manufacturing single cycle engines, marine products, and iron ships, to today, where the company provides services to the largest oil and gas companies in the world, DF Barnes Services has gained incredible experience as well as earned a reputation for quality, safety and reliability that is unrivaled in Newfoundland & Labrador.

Over its 80 years of operations, DF Barnes Services has successfully completed hundreds of small and large scale projects as well as provided a wide variety of products and services to the marine, industrial and offshore industries. In 1962, DF Barnes Services built the largest ship ever built in Newfoundland and Labrador (up to that time). Almost 50 years later, DF Barnes Services is successfully completing multi-million dollar projects for the oil and gas sector. Please click below to view a sample of the great work we do.

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